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What Makes 10 Car Lengths Difference in Stopping Power?

If your tires are worn down, you might not notice right away. You would expect to feel a gradual increase in stopping time, a gradual loss of traction that allows you to gauge by feel when to replace your tires.

Unfortunately, thanks to a quirk of physics, that's not the case.

See, your tread isn't what gives your tires grip. The grip of your tires comes from the contact of rubber on the ground. Balding tires with thin tread actually give you more rubber contact with the ground, increasing your traction so long as it's dry.


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The Toyota Tacoma: A Powerful Pickup Contender

In the ever-changing landscape of the pickup truck market, having a competitive product hold the sales crown for ten years is no small feat. Yet it's one the Toyota Tacoma relishes. Beating out competing brands is its bread and butter, and a trend we expect to continue if the reviews of the next generation model are to be believed.

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6 Things that Won't Kill a Toyota Truck

Top Gear tests cars. That's the premise of the show, but the tests they do aren't really your average reviews. For instance, when they decided to test claims that an old Toyota truck was indestructible, they really went all out.

Here are a few things that won't kill a Toyota.

  1. Reckless driving.
  2. Ocean water.
  3. Wrecking ball.
  4. Having a trailer dropped on it.
  5. Fire.
  6. Falling 240 feet amid a crumbling building.

If an old Toyota that they found in a farm field can survive all that and still run, without any replacement parts, then imagine how long you…

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NASCAR driver Carl Edwards learns about Toyota

Carl Edwards is #19 for Joe Gibbs Racing. Recently, he paid a visit to Toyota Motor Sales, Toyota Racing Development, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing. Toyota Racing Development in Costa Mesa, CA, is where the TRD Pro lineup is designed, as well as Toyota's racing models. Designed here are the 4Runner TRD Pro, Tacoma TRD Pro, and Tundra TRD Pro. Edwards was impressed with how excited the whole Toyota team is about racing, and making the best high performance cars ever. Next, Edwards visited Toy
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Take the 4Runner with you this summer

The summer is the season of adventure. No matter where you live, there is something about the warmest time of the year that makes you restless. But if your car cannot take you to see the horizon, you might need to ditch that zero for a new hero on wheels, like the Toyota 4Runner.

The body-on-frame construction of the 4Runner is a tradition that is going extinct as other automakers look for easier options. The…

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Toyota Turns to Cows for Hydrogen Power

There are a lot of amazing things on the way from our favorite Japanese automaker, and the hydrogen-powered 2016 Toyota Mirai is certainly one of them. As cool as this technology is, we still wonder how the hydrogen is made. Well, Toyota has answered the question and the explanation is a bit weirder than we expected.

Turns out, they convert cow manure into hydrogen using a several-step process. After stripping away everything except methane, they…

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Don't Put Your Car in the Hands of Anything Less than the Pros!

We have quite a lot of faith in our Toyota Service Center here at Don Ringler Toyota--but maybe we're a little bit bias!

However, Toyota makes a great point! You wouldn't leave your pipes with just any plumber, your dog with just any walker, or your house with just any carpenter... would you? If you would, you may want to check out this video!

Whether you're driving a new Toyota model like…

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How the 2015 Toyota Sienna keeps parents cool, calm and connected

You've heard the cliché. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But you might just die out of sheer frustration if your minivan doesn't have an intuitive touchscreen. Or something less dramatic.

You know the feeling. You're cruising at highway speeds and you're almost at the point in the trip where you need the navigation system. So now you're fumbling through a labyrinth of menu screens, all the while…

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The Toyota Brand Unveils a New Hybrid in New York

For drivers who love to save money, love to help the environment, and love to get out into nature--while still staying stylish--we have the best news for you.

At the recent New York International Auto Show, viewers were awed by the very new, very blue, but very green 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. With upgrades to the cabin and some seriously sweet new safety features that will also be available on the future new Toyota RAV4…

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