New Toyota Model At New York Auto Show

The New York Auto Show often brings large announcements and unveiling of new models from the worlds largest auto makers - and this year is no different. While the anticipation grew stronger for the show Toyota release a tidbit of information on what they would be bringing to the Big Apple.

While Toyota didn't want to give away too much they did reveal an image of a new model they plan to unveil at the show. Lucky for us to be made privy to such information, but it was more of a tease than anything else. In it, we see the back end of a lean, sporty sedan with a wide stance and futuristic-looking wheels. Speculators have said the picture of the vehicle resembles a European luxury car, like the CLS-Class or A7, more than the conservative Toyota design we're used to.

We should clarify, the picture we speak of, is in fact a highly detailed sketch and not a photograph, so first impressions may not be entirely indicative of the vehicle that's actually revealed at the show. What may be even more exciting than the prospect of a new Toyota vehicle is the fact that Toyota is currently claiming that they won't be showing off just a concept at the 2012 New York Auto Show, but an actual production model that's ready for the assembly line.

And that's perhaps what intrigues us the most about this new model. In bold move Toyota has stepped up their game in a big way. Either way, you can bet that the Don Ringler Toyota blog will be updating you on this one, so make sure to stay tuned. Everyone here at 7777 South General Bruce Drive, is dedicated to keeping you informed.

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