Toyota Launching Six New Hybrids in 2012

Toyota recently announced that they'd be bringing six new hybrid models to the market in the 2012 model year. This doesn't include the new Toyota Prius v, upcoming Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, or even the recently-announced Toyota Prius C. Rather, Toyota has said that their goal is to further expand its hybrid offerings.

More specifically, the Japanese automaker is claiming that two of these six new models will be released under the luxury Lexus brand, while the remaining four will see a Toyota badge. Furthermore, the company also states that only three of the new hybrids will be built using existing technologies. Expect the other three to be entirely new models. Other than that though, Toyota hasn't divulged much information concerning these six new hybrids.

Why is Toyota investing so heavily in hybrid development?
The answer is simple. Toyota knows that hybrid are the only direction that the automotive industry can head in from here. They're gaining better fuel economy, performance, and designs each day, and the public is adopting them at an increasingly impressive rate. Of course, the ultimate goal with these hybrid vehicles is to slowly transition the general public from gasoline to 100-percent electric models, such as the upcoming Toyota RAV4 EV and FT-EV City Car.

For more news on the new hybrid models from Toyota, make sure to stay tuned. Don Ringler Toyota, in Temple, Texas, is dedicated to keeping you informed, from the moment that they're officially announced to when you can arrange a test drive on our lot.

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