Toyota Motor Corporation — 60 Years and Counting

Did you know that the Toyota Motor Corporation was established in the United States over 60 years ago in 1957? That's right! Over that time, the automaker has refined its engineering practices by inventing innovations that would help define the modern driving experience. They are a leader within today's competitive automotive market for this reason. See what got them to such great heights by checking out some of their milestones below.

  • Manufacturing of Toyota models then begun in the states in 1972.
  • A decade later in 1986, it opened its first wholly-owned manufacturing plant in Georgetown, KY.
  • The following year in 1987, the Toyota U.S.A Foundation was introduced.
  • Less than a decade later, the North American HQ was built was built in 1996.
  • The company hit the five-millionth production mark the next year in 1997.
  • Once the 21st Century hit, Toyota sold its first-ever hybrid in America.
  • Subsequently, it began production of hybrid models in the U.S. in 2006.
  • Five years later in 2011, the Collaborative Safety Research Center was launched.
  • A year ago in 2015, it created its new North American HQ located in Plano, TX.

These milestones are by and large the reason the company has achieved great success in our homeland, and today, there are nine different models such as the beloved Camry, Tacoma, and Highlander being built at Toyota plants in the U.S. This paves the way for a brighter future, not just for the automaker but for its consumers too. This is one reason why Don Ringler Toyota in Temple, Texas, is proud to be a part of the brand!

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