Showcase Your Cooking Skills This Festive Season

After years and years of your family members joking that you can’t cook, you’ve finally managed to learn and perfect the skills. It’s the festive season, and you want to prove them wrong by giving them a sample of your newly-acquired skills in cooking. The only trouble you are having is deciding how the food will survive the long journey home. The Don Ringler Toyota team is pleased to share a few food transport tips with you today:

  • Tightly seal all food in pre-tested, non-spill containers.
  • Insulate the food using cardboard or towels. This helps to give extra cushioning, and the food is able to withstand bumps.
  • Have someone monitor the food as you travel, so that it remains intact.

This is your year to showcase your cooking skills and change the narrative. Another safety precaution is to ensure that your car is well-serviced so that you do not experience mechanical failure on the road. Visit our Toyota dealership in Temple, TX for a service check.

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