The Toyota RAV4 Provides Safety Through Technology

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the bestselling smaller SUVs currently on the market. This vehicle has the passenger and cargo room needed for a family, and it has the fun features needed to take the vehicle off of the beaten path. The RAV4 uses technology to keep you safer while driving.

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 has a blind spot monitoring system. This system watches for traffic when you are changing lanes. If it spots a vehicle, you are alerted by a light in the side mirror. The RAV4 is also equipped with a rear cross-traffic alert system. This feature checks for vehicles that are coming behind you while you are backing out of a driveway or parking lot. You will be alerted if another vehicle is present.

If you live in or near Temple, TX, come to Don Ringler Toyota for a Toyota RAV4 test drive. You will feel the performance of this well-equipped vehicle.

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