Safety Tech in the 2019 Toyota Sequoia

These days, high-tech features are placed throughout the body of vehicles, not just on the inside. The 2019 Toyota Sequoia is equipped with advanced safety technology. You can get this full-sized SUV with systems that will keep an eye out on spots that are difficult to see.

These systems use sensors located on the rear sides. These sensors are powerful enough to detect other vehicles from a distance. The Blind Spot Monitoring system will look out for cars that you can't see. If there's a nearby vehicle when you initiate your turn signal, the Sequoia will let you know that it's not safe to move. Rear Cross-Traffic Alerts use the same sensors to look out for oncoming traffic from your left and right sides as you back up.

Want to test these features out for yourself on a test drive? Swing by Don Ringler Toyota in Temple today. We'll show you how it works and go over some additional safety tech that's available.



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