Toyota Tacoma: Power, Performance, Dependability

The fun-to-drive Toyota Tacoma is a popular choice of many drivers because of its durability. It's also a favorite because it offers some nice performance and towing features for those who need to haul a bigger load.

Towing requires a good engine, and Tacoma has a really good one. At 3.5 liters, the V6 direct injection engine gives the pickup a great combo of power and efficiency for optimal towing. Because the truck has optional Trailer-Sway Control, your load is safer. Sometimes loads shift or winds push trailers, and that can mean a loss of control. But, with the Trailer-Sway Control feature, engine torque is better managed, and it applies brake pressure individually to the wheels, which helps you stay in control.

Toyota Tacoma could be the truck for you. Stop by Don Ringler Toyota in Temple, TX to take one for a test drive.



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