The ToyotaCare Plan Helps Drivers to Sleep Easy

Here at our Don Ringler Toyota location, we like to educate customers about their post-purchase protection options. While many types of protection exist to help drivers in this regard, many of them do not go far enough. Unlike these lesser plans, the Toyota Care plan provides comprehensive levels of protection for each and every new Toyota vehicle owner. Plus, the plan covers many other Toyota vehicles depending on their manufacture date.

The Toyota Care plan doesn't cost existing Toyota vehicle owners a dime. While all new vehicles are covered by this plan, many older models are also protected. To find out if their vehicle is covered, drivers of older Toyota models can simply access the Toyota website, punch in their VIN numbers, and get the protection ball rolling.

Once enrolled, Toyota Care Members enjoy many levels of protection. For example, members of this plan can bring their vehicles to any participating repair shop for cost-free service. Plus, trained maintenance personnel can give Toyota Care members reminders in order to help them stay on proper repair schedules. In addition, the Toyota Care plan also extends the protection of 24 – hour roadside help just in case the worst happens. This roadside protection stays in place for 25,000 miles or for 2 years.



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