Save Money with a Fuel-Efficient Toyota Vehicle

Toyota vehicles remain popular with fuel-efficient consumers who want to save money at the pumps and protect the environment. See the latest cars, trucks and SUVs available on our Don Ringler Toyota lot. Enjoy a test drive. However, driving technique also plays a role in fuel consumption.

Drivers who speed or engage in stop-and-go behavior lower their gas mileage economy by up to 33 percent on the highway and five percent in town. When needing to go shopping or run errands, make all of the trips at one time to help conserve on fuel.

Properly maintained vehicles also ensure optimal vehicle performance and mileage. Keep the tires properly inflated. Check them regularly with a pressure gauge. Tire pressure commonly changes in extreme heat and extreme cold. Change the oil, filters and other maintenance needs performed as recommended by the owner's manual. Remove excess weight to keep the vehicle as light as possible.



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