Visit Don Ringler Toyota To Learn More About The 2019 Toyota Tacoma's Features

Pickups are great vehicles to have in a variety of situations. Whether you need to go off road or navigate the streets of Temple, they are ideally suited for the job. It is important to stay safe, however, that's why the 2019 Toyota Tacoma comes equipped with impressive safety features.

Every driver has been in a situation when they are backing up with limited vision. The 2019 Tacoma has an available Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system for situations such as these. As you back out of a parking space, the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system will let drivers know with an audible tone of an approaching vehicle.

With a pickup truck, it is important to make sure that the tires are in fine working condition, because of the various road conditions for which you may venture. The Tacoma has the Tire Pressure Monitor System as a standard feature. This system monitors the pressure of each tire at every moment and will alert drivers when one or multiple tires becomes underinflated.



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