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Toyota Completes Vehicle To Home Power System

After the devastating earthquake and tsunami crashed over Japan in March of 2011, Toyota started thinking that there had to be a something they could do to help people fare at least a little bit better in the event of a natural disaster. It turns out, they didn't have to look any further than their collection of hybrids.

In vehicles such as the best-selling Prius, Toyota saw a potential power-sharing source, which could be…

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2012 Prius Plug-In Finally Gets EPA Rating

With gas prices creeping closer and closer to the $5 a gallon mark, and projections for prices that high by the summer, you may be looking to save some money at the pump. And for most, this means turning to hybrid models of their favorite vehicle in order to use less gas when traveling. But today, Don Ringler Toyota is here to ask, "what stop there?"

Specifically, Toyota is launching a plug-in hybrid version of…

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