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Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement

Toyota key fob

If your Toyota key fob stops working, breaks, or disappears during your Belton and Killeen travels, then you can find a Toyota key fob battery replacement at Don Ringler Toyota. Our service team is also here to help you learn how to replace a dead key fob battery so you can get back behind the wheel in no time!



How to Replace a Dead Key Fob Battery

How to Open a Toyota Key Fob

Before you replace the battery, here’s how to access it by opening the fob itself below:

  1. Open your key fob with either your key (newer models) or fingers
  2. Open your key fob with a strong object at the designated notch or slot.

How to Replace a Dead Key Fob Battery

Now that you have it open, here’s how to complet your key fob battery replacement:

  1. After the case is open, gently lift the circuit board to reveal the battery.
  2. Take note of what kind of battery it is and how it sits in the case. Most Toyota models use a CR2032 battery. These batteries are widely available in Belton stores and online. They’re usually under $5 too, depending on the brand and package size you buy.
  3. Once you have your Toyota key fob battery replacement, put it inside of your key fob case and close it.
  4. Test your key fob to ensure it’s working. If it doesn’t, open the case again and readjust the battery, making sure the connections are clean and they’re making contact with the battery. If the key fob still doesn’t work, you may need a Toyota key fob replacement.

Broken Toyota Key Fob

In the event that you break a Toyota key fob, you’ll have several options to replace it. If the key is damaged, our technicians can cut you a new key and you will be able to continue using your current key fob. We even offer replacement cases if you break the key fob case but not the electronics inside. You may also just want to replace the key fob completely if it’s damaged by water and other elements.

Toyota Key Fob Replacement

A Toyota key fob replacement cost can be anywhere from $200 to $350. The reason for the higher cost is because key fobs need physical keys cut and electronics programmed in order to match up with the correct vehicle. That’s why you count on Don Ringler Toyota to offer a range of specials to help you save on your next purchase.

Get Your Toyota Key Fob Replacement at Don Ringler Toyota!

If you need a Toyota key replacement or a Toyota key fob replacement, our team has everything you need for your Waco drivers. Find OEM parts and accessories for sale at Don Ringler Toyota and see how you can save even more with our roating coupons and specials. You’ll find more automotive services to keep your vehicle running at its best. Contact us today for more information on how to open a Toyota key fob or stop by our dealership here in Temple!


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