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How Do You Change a Car Tire?

Mechanic with Tires

While proper tire inflation and timely tire rotation can reduce the likeliness of a blowout, they can still happen! However, knowing how to change a car tire can save you the trouble of waiting for a tow service or roadside assistance to arrive. So how do you change a car tire and install a spare? In this guide from the Don Ringler Toyota service center, we’ll show you how to change a car tire step-by-step if you do experience a blowout while on the road in Belton.

How to Change a Car Tire: Step-by-Step

Flat tire while you’re on the road in Killeen? Pull over in a safe spot and turn on your hazard lights. If you’re confident in your auto maintenance skills, you can save money by changing your car tire yourself. So how do you change a car tire out for a spare? First, be sure you have the following on hand: a jack, lug wrench, spare tire, and the owner’s manual for your Toyota vehicle. Then follow these steps:

  1. To stabilize your car, engage the parking brake and place wheel wedges under the other tires.
  2. Remove the wheel cover or hubcap and loosen the lug nuts with the lug wrench.
  3. Place the car jack near the blown tire and raise it off the ground.
  4. Remove the lug nuts.
  5. Switch out the blown tire for the spare tire.
  6. Replace and re-tighten the lug nuts.
  7. Lower your vehicle to the ground, remove the jack, and retrieve the wheel wedges.

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How Often to Change a Car Tire

A set of high-quality, well-maintained tires should last about 50,000 miles. However, how often to change a car tire also depends on driving conditions as well as your driving habits. For example, driving off road or on rough surfaces like gravel roads will wear out tire treads faster.

How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Car Tire?

Generally, you can drive about 50 miles on a spare car tire. Every tire has a recommended mileage limit, which you can find on the tire itself. Keep in mind that spare tires are intended as a temporary solution, not long-term replacements for regular tires. Try to avoid high speeds while driving on s spare, and get it changed out as soon as you can.

Rely on Don Ringler Toyota for Expert Tire Service in Temple!

Looking for expert auto service at a great price? Whether your’e wondering how to jump-start a car, when to get an oil change, or “how do I change a car tire?” — the team at Don Ringler Toyota is here to help. Our certified technicians are specially trained to work on your Toyota vehicle, no matter the model year. Contact us today for expert car-care advice, and to schedule your next recommended maintenance appointment.

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