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Making a Winter Emergency Car Safety Kit

Icy road
Winter is coming. Or maybe it’s already here, and bringing along with it more perilous road conditions. As the ice and snow pile up, you risk sliding on Belton roads, popping a tire, or even getting stranded in a blizzard. The service center at Don Ringler Toyota has a suggestion: a winter emergency car kit. But what’s in an emergency kit? We cover all you need to know below!

Winter Emergency Car Kit Essentials

What’s in a winter emergency car kit? A host of tools and supplies, some of which you already have, some of which you can get at a Killeen-area parts center Generally, the list breaks down to tools for your car, personal necessities, and items to increase your visibility. Here are the things we hope you’ll get for a winter emergency car kit:

Winter Emergency Kit Tools: 

  • Ice scraper
  • Portable Shovel
  • Battery Cables
  • Flat tire kit

Winter Emergency Kit Personal Accessories:

  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Cell phone charger
  • First Aid Kit

Winter Emergency Kit Hi-Viz Materials: 

  • Warning Signal Cones
  • Safety Vest
  • Roadside Triangles

Winter Road Trip Kit

Are you travelling on a road trip outside Temple or Waco for the holidays? This means you’ll be going off into a variety of different road conditions and weather conditions. The last thing you want is to get stranded in a strange land, so we recommend additional tools on your winter emergency kit:

  • Food and water: Should you get stranded, you want to have dry goods in addition to a few bottles of water stored in your vehicle.
  • Tow strap: The proper tow strap — recommended by your owner’s manual — can save a lot of hassle. Don’t get stuck in a ditch without the right tools!
  • Car fire extinguisher: A special car fire extinguisher may come in handy in dire emergencies.

Prepare Your Vehicle for the Elements with Don Ringler Toyota

Think you’re ready for the winter months ahead? At Don Ringler Toyota, we’re always happy to help Temple drivers prepare for the winter months. Schedule service with us to get your vehicle ready for the long night. Contact us with any questions about winter car emergency kits and anything else!

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