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How To Fix a Dent in a Car

Car Accident
Belton drivers are probably going to run into minor scratches and dents over the life of their car. This might happen from rocks, hail, or other types of debris, but you don’t have to fret when this happens. Even though if you have a bigger dent, you’ll have to come have your car looked at by one of our service professionals, you can take care of a small dent at home. Don Ringler Toyota is here to help you fix scratches on your car and point you toward our alternative fuel vehicles.

How To Fix Scratches on Your Car

In most cases, scratches that appear on your car will be superficial ones on the clear coat. Pets, the car washing process, and Killeen debris can cause these scratches, but thankfully, you can attend to these scratches at home. You can easily clear up clear coat scratches with these tools:

  1. Put your fingernail on the scratch. If you don’t catch your nail on it, the scratch is shallow. Even if it does catch, you’ll be able to fix it if it’s in the clear coat.
  2. With a towel and soapy water, clean the area.
  3. Put tape on the scratch so you don’t lose sight of it. Once you fix the scratch, it’ll make it more difficult to see.
  4. Spray some sandpaper with water. If the scratch is deep, use 3000 grit, while fine scratches are better served with 5000 grit sandpaper. To smooth out the general area, go against the grain.
  5. Spray and sand with a little pressure until the scratch is gone.
  6. Clean the surface again with a clean microfiber towel to put the compound in the area. Then, use a microfiber towel to remove the excess and buff the surface. If the paint is hazy, use a finer polish as an aftercoat.
  7. Apply some wax to prevent your clear coat and put a protective layer on your paint.

How To Fix a Small Dent in Your Car

Fixing dents in your car isn’t that hard. You can fix a dent in Waco one of two ways. Here’s how to fix a dent in your car:

  • You can find a suction cup dent puller from our parts specialists, allowing you to make a vacuum that fixes a small dent no problem.
  • If you remove the body panel that’s dented, you can use a hair dryer to heat the area around the dent for a few minutes then with a mallet, knock the dent back into place.

Don Ringler Toyota: Car Maintenance Pros

When you come to Don Ringler Toyota, you’re going to get the best service possible every time you stop in. You can count on us to have Toyota certified professionals as well as genuine OEM parts every time. If you’re ready for a new way to get your car maintained, just contact usBe sure to take a look at our breakdown of what you’ll need for your winter emergency kit to keep you protected on the road.

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